Thursday, September 30, 2010

Every Day I'm Hustlin'

Welcome to my new new blog on everything useful.

Crazy interesting facts, hustlin' tips, life hacks, charts with useful shit on them and anything else that might come in handy. If it can help a dude out, I'll post it.

Sorry to say, today we'll be starting out a little slow. In time, I'll be able to do more research for you guys and get you hustling like a madcunt.

This isn't necessarily a legitimate way to make money, but Butteryass Mondays has always been a source of laughs and (minor) inspiration for me. Check it aaauut:


Heres a tip for people who can never remember folks' names.
If you haven't seen them in awhile, just come right out and ask "What was your name again?" and when they tell you their first name, say "Oh no! Sorry, I remembered THAT. What was your last name". Works, and you don't look a fool.
Alternatively, ask them to spell their name.

Here comes the list. Some are useful, some not so much, but there will be more to come. Enjoy.

) In addition to hitting buttons or saying Operator, you can also say Representative which works for most voice systems.

2) If you have unlimited texts, use google as a free text 411. If you have a blackberry, get beyond 411 search to get the best 411 available, that or just google Place and City to get your number fast.

3) Do community service every week. This is the best way to meet people and will help you in every facet of your life. Want to get into college? Have crazy community service hours. Want to help out your business? Most non-profit board members are business owners. Community service helps you and will connect you to people who care about what you care about.

4) If you do not want to drink at a party, carry a red cup with margarita mix or sour mix.

5) Always carry cups in your left hand so your right is free to shake peoples hands. Makes introductions less awkward.

6) Look in newspapers for events near you -- attend free events that match you interests -- this can also be a good way to get free dinner / free other stuff while having fun and meeting people.

7) While you're a teen, take advantage of teen groups and extracurriculars. Great college ap builders, and great place to find relationship/short term stuff.

8) Get involved with either the Republican or Democratic party -- best way to get jobs is to meet politicos, they live off of building networks and they understand that if they help you out now, you may very well be able to help them out. Play the game. Win the game.

9) ECA. Ephedrine, Caffiene, Aspirin. 20mg, 200mg, 81mg respectively. Best way to burn fat and curb appetite. Take this twice daily and do sit ups and you will lose weight.

10) Order appetizers. Order portions smaller than what you can eat.

11) Happy Hour Specials can be a huge money saver, especially when you are too young to get a drink so there is no pressure to drink. $3.50 for a good meal is a great deal.

12) Visit professors that you like during office hours to talk about why they chose their field etc. Econ professors can help with jobs, other professors can help you with your major choice or with surviving the jungle of academia.

13) College is the next chance to get involved in career-expanding activities. Get involved in clubs, social organizations, and non-radical politics if you want to broaden career options.

14) Internships, do them starting sophomore year, you need to build a solid resume if you want to get a real job when you graduate. Many recent graduates are learning the hard way that everyone has a degree these days.

15) Secretaries -- ALWAYS TREAT SECRETARIES RESPECTFULLY AND GO OUT OF YOUR WAY TO HELP THEM NEVER NEVER NEVER ANTAGONIZE A SECRETARY. Secretaries and Admin Assistants are the gatekeepers for resources and people that you will need to have help you -- they also have very strong relationships with those in positions of authority and also serve as informers to decision-makers. If they say you're good, or that you've always been great to work with, that will factor in on you.

16) When filling out important paperwork, scan it in to Adobe Acrobat and use the typewriter tool to fill it out if you have bad handwriting. Save the document. Now you have two things -- a copy in case you lose the paperwork or there is a dispute and a very professionally filled form that can increase perceptions of you and reduce the chance of mistakes when important data is entered.

17) Fatwallet and Slickdeals -- check them before buying things. Never buy things you aren't looking for unless they are a great deal.

18) If you have more than 10,000 in your bank, start putting money in CDs that are very safe and boring. The sooner you start compounding interest, the more and more powerful it becomes. I will not give more complicated investment advice, but the simple advice is CDs will pay you and play with debt financing before advancing to equity.

19) Listen to people when they are talking -- give them enough time to say what they are going to say -- they may give you more information than you asked for.

20) Salary offers are generally given to you at 5% less than the company is actually willing to pay. Tell them that you have a verbal offer that's 8% more than theres (calculate the number) but that if they can get in the neighborhood that you would rather work for them. If they call your bluff and you like them, just fold, but resist at first.

21) In negotiations never try to settle too early -- it shows weakness or lack of confidence in your case. Try to settle early and you will get a bad deal. Never say NO, say let me get back to you, or I'll have to check some things, or I'll have to think about it, then counter offer.